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Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's not just a hobby!

It is our Livelihood, it is our Business, it is what helps to pay the bills!

Yes, this one's going to be a bit of a rant!

One of my artisan friends recently mentioned her experience at a (fairly large) Christmas craft market where a lady spent a lot of time looking at her work and then said "Hmmm Nice Hobby" and walked off.

And then I saw this on facebook "Well you must have a lot of time - you obviously don't work!" on a page called Kirsty Elson Designs- another crafter.

Probably not spoken by the same person but  it's this attitude from a lot of people that really gets to me sometimes! It's not just a hobby! In my case it is a part time business, but its a part time business that keeps my dogs fed and pays my monthly utility bills! And occasionally allows me to go to the pub and have a drink with my friends.  I work hard for it and I earn it!... AND pay my taxes on what I earn!
[UPDATE 01 October 2014: It is now my full time job! So along with the dogs and utility bills it now pays my mortgage and ALL my bills.]

For a lot of other crafts people I know Its a Full time job! This is what pays all their bills, the mortgage, buys the food and allows them to live independently and not clog up an already overstretched Job Centre because there aren't that many jobs out there anyway! Is that alright? Or would you prefer us to go on job seekers allowance and be unemployed?

It's called being self employed!

Perhaps this lady would have been happier if my friend had been working in a local factory making the same things at less than minimum wage? And then she would have happily bought it from a big name shop at twice the price my friend was selling it at? Would it then be a job and not a hobby? Would it then be classed as working for a living?

"working at a local factory..." Oh wait there aren't any!
"job..." Yes lots of them about and the streets are paved with gold and pigs have taken to flying!

And anyway we like being self employed, working for ourselves and earning a living from the talent we have. So don't patronise us with this hobby, no work blah blah blah clap trap!

We work hard, hand-make things and sell them so we can earn enough to feed ourselves and keep this economy going. How you ask! By spending that money we work hard to make just as the "Market Forces" demand that we should! Most of us are not rich and some of us fit into the "starving artist" category but you know what? We enjoy what we do!

OK so this post has now reached a stage being a rambling rant... and I have no idea where it will end up or for how long I will keep typing. So I am going to make some jewellery I can sell at my next craft fair!

And just to prove that not everyone is a total moron with the attitude mentioned above by two people, I had a message this morning from a prospective customer (Self employed and an artisan) which restores my faith in people and in my ability

"seriously the work that went into it, and you remembering I needed longer, please list it honest price and I shall buy it! I knew it was for me the second I saw it!"

And that is the reason why I am self employed and so are a lot of other artisans and this is why its not just a hobby!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Stamford Mercury - 18 November

How nice to see some coverage of the Oakham Castle Craft Fair in the Stamford Mercury on the day they did a front page feature titled "Shop locally this Christmas"

All of us at the Stamford Artisans Guild started the Shop Handmade - Shop Local campaign with our Bull Hotel Christmas Fair back in October. Hope people are still listening and supporting their local small businesses, local traders and craftsmen.

It would be fantastic to see the people of Stamford come out to support the Handmade Christmas Market at the Stamford Arts Centre and Newages Social Club on 4th December. All artisans work very hard to create new and unique items for our customers which would make fantastic Christmas presents.

Give us a chance to show you that 1) beautiful things don't always have to cost the earth and 2) Christmas presents don't all live on the shelves of Tesco, New Look et al! They can be found in little independent shops AND local Christmas fairs where talented people showcase their creations in a friendly atmosphere! You can actually talk to people who put in hours and hours of work to create each unique item for you!

In Stamford Mercury - 18 November:

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Friday, 18 November 2011


As its my Happy Birthday soon :-) I thought I will offer some special discounts on selected goodies in my online showroom. There will be a minimum £5.00 Off selected jewellery and wire trees.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for yourself or someone special in your life have a browse and grab yourself a bargain!

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

I love this place :-)

Having a lovely day at Oakham. It's been really busy and some lovely people have visited us today!

Friday, 11 November 2011

All set for Oakham Castle tomorrow :-)

Really looking forward to it! The fair, a day spent in the company of some of the nicest crafty people in the world, and freshly made French pancakes from Crepe Monsieur.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jewellery By Shalini

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Jewellery By Shalini
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