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The Cabochons I made

Here is a picture of my first cabs :-)

As I said before I am not 100% satisfied with them but it's a start. It's my first attempt and some of them have turned out all right.

The others, well back to the grinding wheel again I guess.

Here is a close up of the individual cabochons:

These are the ones that definitely need more work!


These I am reasonably pleased with for a first attempt :-) They are a lot shinier than the pictures show


And this one was a bugger! Its a Porcelain Jasper with such beautiful patterns on it but try as I might it does not get an overall smooth finish. The different patterns all seem to have different properties and grind down differently. I'll think about this one a bit more.


And I am proud of this one!

Cabochons Made, no pictures yet :(

OK so I have made some cabochons now. Not 100% satisfied with them, but not too bad for a first attempt.

I don't have pictures to show yet. I took some but the light wasn't too good and the focus was bad so they look like little coloured blobs. I am going to ask the expert - Dave - to take the photos for me and if he can do it today I will post them later this evening.

I Don't Like Dop Sticks

I have taken my first step towards making Cabochons :-)

You have already seen some beautiful photos I posted of the Cabs Dave has made. Well I'm making them as well now. I have watched and learned from him and started. Yes that does mean I am now hogging the Cabochon making machine (see picture) :-) but it's a lot of fun.

Ok so how it starts is that you cut the rough rock chunks into slabs, then shape them on the diamond wheel, then take it through the various phases of grinding down to a smooth finish. If done right you should end up with a perfectly polished piece with a mirror like shine. That's the general idea anyway.

Right, so some rocks were slabbed on the Saw and then they were ready for working on. Let’s get on with it then…. But I wanted to do Rose Quartz and Sodalite and these were not part of the slabs we had cut.

I have seen Dave spend hours on putting these slabs on Dop Sticks using wax. See picture of dop Sticks. He had a Rose Quartz and a Sodalite piece on two …