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Salmon Pink Pearl Bracelet

This is an absolutely beautiful coil Bracelet using Freshwater Pearls in a delightful shade of Salmon Pink. I really am not able to say too much more, just have a look at the picture :-)
Materials used: Freshwater Dyed Pearls, Tibetan Silver Beads and Memory Wire.
This Bracelet is available for sale and listed on my Misi Shop
And a BIG Thank you to Dave for the photo.

Twitter is great for business

I am really warming to Twitter. The amount of information I am getting from the links and titbits posted by the people I am following is amazing.

And I have noticed a significant increase in visitors to my website and my ebid stores. I think some of my recent sales are thanks to Twitter so all I can say is I am so glad I joined it.

The banter is great as well! :-)

Busy Day!

Its been a busy day and I am knackered now! Spent the whole day at my desk uploading pictures to MISI, Edirectory and Bid and of course Twittering :-)

I have to thank Dave for taking all the photos, he's got a lot done! of course I couldn't possible keep up with uploading and listing all he photographed today, but now I know they are there and I will upload as and when I can.

So here's what I did:


Update @ 22.11 - Amethyst Earrings SOLD TODAY! That was quick, I only listed them at 3.15 this afternoon!



Update: 18 Feb 2009 - Both these delightful Turquoise items now SOLD on Ebid.

Another Wire and Pearl Necklace!

I am proud of me if I may say so myself.

I was so pleased with my first necklace that I had another go yesterday. There was some of the gold plated wire left and some burgundy and dark green 4 - 6 mm pearls from an earlier bracelet I made. It took a lot less time this time :-) but I still have very sore fingertips. I need to find a safe way of holding the pearl as I am twisting the wire.

I did manage to break the wire once but sorted it. That's what I like about wire, its such an easy material to work with and mistakes can be corrected without compromising on the design or finish.

I think I am ready to move on to the sterling silver wire now :-)

Wire and Pearl Necklace

For the last two days I have been working on a Wire and Pearl Necklace. I saw a design example on a bead seller’s website who sells jewellery making kits. Of course the kit was all plated wire and glass beads and I do not work with glass or plastic beads. Only real stones, pearls and shell will do for me! Ok so I am a snob.
Anyway.... I was sure I could use my materials and do it. First I had to think hard about the colours. I have thousands of Pearl beads and I think they are all beautiful so it took me a while to pick on the shades I wanted to use for my first attempt. Two strands of green pearls sort of stood out so they were the chosen ones. Then I had to think about wire. I have 26 g sterling silver wire and I could have used that but then thought I should do the test run on cheaper wire. Ages ago I bought some Gold Plated 26 g wire from eBay and it’s never been used, because being a snob I work in Sterling Silver and Gold filled! So the plated wire finally got its chance.
It was f…