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Not a lot to say about this really, it's a picture we just took as a Spitfire, a Lancaster and a Hurricane flew over Stamford.

Loved it. Don't know what the Birds were thinking though!

Stamford Endowed Schools Foundation

I have recently signed up to be a Foundation Partner for The new Stamford Endowed Schools’ Foundation Privilege Card.

A little bit about the Foundation - The Foundation is a charitable body and aims to raise funds in order to support the Stamford Endowed Schools and their pupils. The funds raised through the foundation will be used for the benefit of children from the local community. And that makes this a very special project for me. The Bursaries are there to provide opportunities for young people from less affluent backgrounds to fulfil their potential in sports, music, science, languages and in the arts.

The new Stamford Endowed Schools’ Foundation Privilege Card has been set up to raise funds for the Foundation.

Some of the best retail outlets and restaurants in Stamford have lent their support to the Foundation Privilege Card and by joining in this very worthwhile programme that supports the valuable work of the Foundation, you will save …

Stamford Arts and Crafts Market - 26 July 2009

Just sent my cheque off for the next Stamford Arts and Crafts Market to be held on 26th July. I did the May market and it was OK, but it wasn't the nicest of days - cold, windy and wet. Plus I booked for the Art Centre which is slightly out of the way of the High Street. But I prefer to be indoors so its the Art Centre again for the next one.

I did make a few sales and some good contacts. I am hoping some of us jewellery designers can get together and do an exclusive Jewellery show. We all make different types of jewellery and I think it could be quite good!

I'll keep you posted as things progress....

Drowning In Labradorite....

All right so I have only "borrowed" these images from Dave's webpage but they are too nice not to share!