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Rutland County Museum Christmas Craft Exhibition

The Rutland County Museum Christmas Craft Exhibition Opened Last night. There are some absolutely gorgeous hand-made crafts on display including my jewellery (of course!), Wood-turned pens plus textile crafts, weaving and jewellery by 4 other talented artisans from the area.

The Exhibition will be on until 22 January 2011 at the Museum at Catmose Street, Oakham, LE15 6HW

Work by the followings makers is on display:

# Jewellery By Shalini (and Stamford Lapidary)
# Wisteria Woodcrafts (member of The Stamford Artisans Guild)
# Calla
# Rhubarb
# Wiggles
# Jo Edwards

Do come along and browse though the beautiful items on display and for sale. The wonderful staff at the museum are very helpful and a great group of people.

Some photos from last night:

"Turn Back Time - The High Street" on BBC1

Watching "Turn Back Time - The High Street" on BBC1 last night made me sad.

There really isn't much hope for the High Street because independent small businesses are shutting down here there and everywhere. Small businesses simply cannot afford the rents and rates from landlords and the competition from big companies who sell everything at really low prices.  Just like the Butchers and the Bakers who left the High Street yesterday and the Blacksmith who left a week ago on the programme lots of small, independent business are leaving the High Street every day.

I have lost count of the number of Mobile phone shops we have. And we have lots of cafes and of course the Charity Shops  and usual sprinkling of Costa Coffee, Subway and even a Tesco. Then we have this huge New Look and various other clothes shops. Not a lot that is unique to Stamford there :-(


Its Charity Tuesday on Twitter. There are Charities like and The British Red Cross, Help For Heroes, Dogs Trust and various others and they are great causes to support and help.

Then there is being Charitable. In my opinion being charitable does not just mean donating money to a Charity. Being charitable is being kind, understanding, co-operative and showing respect and empathy towards others. They don't necessarily have to be less fortunate people than you... just people like you and me working hard at whatever it is that they do.

I am increasingly finding that the charitable spirit is disappearing amongst a lot of people I come across. We are increasing becoming a society of "I want" but "I can't be bothered giving back unless there is something in it for me" Selfish? Stressed? Too Busy? I don't know. But I just find it very sad.


Yes I know, we are all talking about THE SNOW! And so we should be! Because it is being a nuisance for artisans doing the craft fairs at the moment. It made a real hash of the week-end for a lot of my friends at craft fairs!

Its only snow, comes every winter and we should be prepared for it. Yes that's fine! But when you have to travel across narrow country roads which no one remembers to grit and salt it does change your thinking a little. I am brave enough to venture out on proper roads to go into Stamford, Peterborough or Grantham and most people should. The roads are fine and if you use common sense and caution you should be safe on the road. However when it comes to going to a country house in the middle of nowhere I would think twice too!

So where is all this leading to?

I was at The British Red Cross Christmas Prelude in Tolethorpe yesterday. Its a beautiful place. Except that when the roads are icy getting to it is SCARY! We went along Little Casterton road at 8.30 in the mo…

It's Christmas!

Or is it?... Its never Christmas until Slade is played and Noddy Holder's "It's Christmas" rings out over radio 2. I may have missed it but I have not heard it yet! So come on BBC where is my song?

In every other way the Christmas madness is here. I should know! I have been at numerous craft fairs already with our jewellery and wire sculpture trees. I am sure most makers and designers are doing the same. Week-ends are not a time to relax any more, most evenings there are little Village hall and school fund-raising events happening and the bespoke gift orders are coming in too! It's all Go! Go! Go! and I am loving it :-)

In the last couple of weeks I have had a lot of interest in my freshwater Pearl strings and other jewellery. Here are some examples which would (I hope!) bring a smile to a lucky girl's face on Christmas morning...

Amethyst Tumble-stone Pendant with 14/20 Gold Filled Wire
Turquoise and Tibetan Silver necklace on Hemp Cord
Freshwater Pearls String

Sibson Inn Christmas Fayre almost here!

It would be great to see you at the Sibson Inn Christmas Fair. Obviously I am there but I can promise you a few other fabulous Artisans too!

Stamford Lapidary /Greensleaves Florist / Rutland Colorways /Krafty Kats / Gianni Deidda / Yellow Rose Designs / Amore Bears / Hand-made By Helen / Alan Moir / Victoria George

Really Looking forward to it, I know the company will be good and the fantastic Owners and Manager of Sibson Inn Hotel just make every visit there so pleasant and enjoyable :-)

Pearls Double String Necklace

Pearls Double String Necklace

Very Dressy freshwater pearls double strand necklace strung together with antique gold finish beads on an easy to use gold finish toggle clasp. Perfect to dress up any outfit.

Coral and Pearls Hand-knotted Necklace

Coral and Pearls

Coral and Pearls Hand-knotted Necklace.I have used dyed freshwater pearls with Deep red Coral beads and a few stick pearl beads to create thsi one off necklace is gorgeous shades of teal, red and off white.

Turquoise and Tibetan Silver Necklace

Chunky Turquoise and Tibetan Silver Hand Knotted Necklace on Hemp cord available for sale in the Jewellery By Shalini on-line showroom.

Turquoise and Tibetan Silver Necklace

Freshwater Pearls, Red Coral and Tibetan Silver

Coral and Freshwater Pearl Set - Perfect for Casual and Formal Wear.

Price:  £25.00:  Available for sale in my Online Showroom

Freshwater Pearls Twisted On Wire

Christmas Fair at Sibson Inn: 13-14 November 2010

The Sibson Inn Hotel on the A1 near Stamford will host a Christmas Fair showcasing local craft talent on 13 - 14 November. I have booked my stall and I am really looking forward to it.

If anyone is interested in having a stall please contact Mark Prime for details

The Sibson Inn
A1 Great North Road
Nr Peterborough
PE8 6ND  Tel:  01780 782227

Jewellery By Shalini, Stamford Lapidary & Greensleaves Florist will be there.


the Bank Holiday Week-end...

Its been a very busy week and I am looking forward to the week-end. Two Craft Fairs on 29th and 30th August :-) after which I will probably need a Holiday!

It would be nice if all this rain is gone by then...

Technology! Scary Stuff!

Ok so whose bright idea was this? Now I have a phone that can send emails and post to blogs? Does it make phone calls too? That's the only thing I have not tested it for yet ;-)Oh and here is a picture I took recently with the phone too.And don't laugh at this, it is a test post!
Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

Stirring Success

My friend Michala has started a cookery blog -

Everything on it looks yummy.  Is it going to inspire me?

To eat more - YES!

To Cook - You got to be kidding! :-P

Do come and see her Facebook Page .

Broadband Outage

If its not one thing its another. No internet this morning. Apparently there was a broadband outage all over the country (even though I seem to be the only one who did not have internet!) Just got it back.

I tried to use my mobile phone to go on the internet. Bah! I don't know how people do it! I did not like the experience which just made me more and more frustrated. Another Grrr moment!

And before that I was woken up at about 4.30 AM by the phone. Strange time for a call! It stopped ringing by the time I got to it and they did not even leave a message!

Anyway... Just felt like a moan! Now I feel better :-)

Summer Craft Fair Almost Upon Us « Stamford Artisans Guild

Summer Craft Fair Almost Upon Us « Stamford Artisans Guild: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

I'll be there :-)

* Jewellery By Shalini – “I make unique, hand-crafted semi-precious gemstones, beads and pearl jewellery. My favourite medium is Wire and I really enjoy playing with different types of wire and letting it take it’s own course when I start wrapping it around a stone or bead.”

I Just LOVE Tiger Eye

We recently ordered some Rough Tiger Eye from our supplier in USA. It arrived on Tuesday and I am impressed with the quality. There is some blue in it as well! Very excited :-)

I can see a lot of potential in this lot for cutting and cabbing and also for sale as rough chunks and slabs to other lapidaries

Busy Week-end

I had a really busy Week-end in terms of events. Sadly not a lot of sales to show for it.

The Help For Heroes Military Tattoo was badly affected by the weather unfortunately. It really felt more January than June especially in the strong wind. It was an outdoor event and the Gazebos we set up did not feel secure at all. And as it was so cold a lot of people did not turn up even though the organisers had sold lots of tickets. So the group of Crafters who had set up stalls spent the afternoon chatting with each other and listening to the music played by the RAF band. That was pleasant... and hot food from Tuk Tuk Foods was very welcome too! That was lovely as always!

I would like to thank the Organisers of the event for inviting us to be there and I hope they raised a lot of money for this very noble charity, despite low attendance.

On Father's Day I was at Sacrewell Farm near Peterborough for a Day of Demonstration and Sales. I took one of our Rock Tumblers to show the tumbling pro…

Iritis - Bah

I've had an interesting couple of weeks with my old mate Iritis paying a visit. It's really not welcome any time but this visit was particularly obnoxious. Not because of the pain (I am on strong pain killers for the AS!) but the medication that goes with it and the timing!

As you all know the Spring Craft Fair was on 16 May. Well the Thursday before the big day Iritis flared up, Friday was spent running around GPs and Hospital. The Eye clinic messed up the appointment and I had to go to A&E to be seen. Not my favourite place! Anyway the good doctor immediately said yes it is Iritis and here are the pupil dilating drops you must use twice a day along with the steroid treatment. The steroids are fine, but the pupil dilating eye drops blur the vision. Couldn't read, Couldn't make jewellery, couldn't see anything clearly!

The timing was particularly bad because I had spent so much time working on organising the craft fair and not enough on my own Jewellery! I had …

Love What’s Local « Stamford Artisans Guild

Love What’s Local « Stamford Artisans Guild

I recently came across a very nice article on another website which I want to share. First of all Thank you Karen from Tilly Rose for sharing this on facebook which is where I found it.
This article was written by a fellow crafts woman – Valerie Williams from Washington D.C on a website called “” and this really stood out for me “Connect with the artists
Read the article here: Support Your Local Craft Show

Shell Cameo Wire Sculpted Pendant

Kella's Creative Wishes: Welcome Back

Kella's Creative Wishes:

Thank you for including our Rough Rocks in your March Monthly Treasury Kella.

All the best With your Blogshop Venture

Wire Sculptures and Trees

It's been a cold winter and Dave and I found it a bit difficult to go out into the Lapidary Workshop. One, it was a bit (well a lot!) cold out there and two, part of the workshop was used as storage area for the extra wood we acquired to keep the open fire going through the cold weather.

After all the excitement of the Christmas Market was over we felt a little lost. The workshop was too cold and the television was boring. So Dave went looking for ideas on what else we could do. Everyone knows about my obsession with wire :-) and we always have plenty in the house. And thanks to my friend Amanda from Greensleaves Florist I had some lovely coloured craft wire as well! Dave had been making a few simple Gem trees with wire and Tumblestones and he found this fantastic website about Beaded and Wire Tree Sculptures

End result... we are now having so much fun making Wire Tree Sculptures of different types. I have added the first few wire creations we have made to the Jewellery By Shalini …


I have just added a range of Wire Trees to my Online Showroom -  Do come and have a nose - Wire Sculptures

This is a new project we started working on in the days when it was too cold to work in the workshop and we are hooked :-)