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Iritis - Bah

I've had an interesting couple of weeks with my old mate Iritis paying a visit. It's really not welcome any time but this visit was particularly obnoxious. Not because of the pain (I am on strong pain killers for the AS!) but the medication that goes with it and the timing!

As you all know the Spring Craft Fair was on 16 May. Well the Thursday before the big day Iritis flared up, Friday was spent running around GPs and Hospital. The Eye clinic messed up the appointment and I had to go to A&E to be seen. Not my favourite place! Anyway the good doctor immediately said yes it is Iritis and here are the pupil dilating drops you must use twice a day along with the steroid treatment. The steroids are fine, but the pupil dilating eye drops blur the vision. Couldn't read, Couldn't make jewellery, couldn't see anything clearly!

The timing was particularly bad because I had spent so much time working on organising the craft fair and not enough on my own Jewellery! I had …