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I Just LOVE Tiger Eye

We recently ordered some Rough Tiger Eye from our supplier in USA. It arrived on Tuesday and I am impressed with the quality. There is some blue in it as well! Very excited :-)

I can see a lot of potential in this lot for cutting and cabbing and also for sale as rough chunks and slabs to other lapidaries

Busy Week-end

I had a really busy Week-end in terms of events. Sadly not a lot of sales to show for it.

The Help For Heroes Military Tattoo was badly affected by the weather unfortunately. It really felt more January than June especially in the strong wind. It was an outdoor event and the Gazebos we set up did not feel secure at all. And as it was so cold a lot of people did not turn up even though the organisers had sold lots of tickets. So the group of Crafters who had set up stalls spent the afternoon chatting with each other and listening to the music played by the RAF band. That was pleasant... and hot food from Tuk Tuk Foods was very welcome too! That was lovely as always!

I would like to thank the Organisers of the event for inviting us to be there and I hope they raised a lot of money for this very noble charity, despite low attendance.

On Father's Day I was at Sacrewell Farm near Peterborough for a Day of Demonstration and Sales. I took one of our Rock Tumblers to show the tumbling pro…