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Sale Now On!

Shop from the comfort of your own home and pick up a unique Jewellery By Shalini creation! Go On! Treat yourself! You know you want to! :-)

It's sale season everywhere! And this year I have joined in as well! No not in the the getting squashed in heaving shops or getting stuck in traffic jams or queuing to park bit! I have joined in offering a 15% Discount on all jewellery and wire sculptures in my on-line showroom!

No pressure, no queues, no hassled sales assistants trying to  maintain calm amidst chaos. Just you, hand-made jewellery in my on-line showroom and easy checkout via paypal.

Credit / Debit Card payments are processed in a secure manner via paypal (and you can use this method even if you don't have a paypal account!)

And if you have any questions you can always email me via the contact us page on the website or talk to me on my Facebook / Twitter page!

Two Christmas Fairs!

Two fantastic days!

And its not just about the sales. Yes, as my previous post says, it is my business! And I did make good sales at both events. But it is also about working in harmony with like minded people and getting nice comments from people who visit my stall.

At both the Stamford Handmade Christmas Market and the Late Night Shopping event at Oakham Castle I met some really  lovely people and got so many positive comments, even from folk who were not actually buying but had just come for a "wander around" at their local event.
I don't expect everyone who comes to a fair to buy something but a little respect for the artisans displaying their creations goes a long long way. And while people like the ones mentioned in my previous post do their best to spoil things there are the good guys who always make it worthwhile! And give me and others like me the encouragement to carry on crafting and making.

It's not just a hobby!

It is our Livelihood, it is our Business, it is what helps to pay the bills!

Yes, this one's going to be a bit of a rant!

One of my artisan friends recently mentioned her experience at a (fairly large) Christmas craft market where a lady spent a lot of time looking at her work and then said "Hmmm Nice Hobby" and walked off.

And then I saw this on facebook "Well you must have a lot of time - you obviously don't work!" on a page called Kirsty Elson Designs- another crafter.

Probably not spoken by the same person but  it's this attitude from a lot of people that really gets to me sometimes! It's not just a hobby! In my case it is a part time business, but its a part time business that keeps my dogs fed and pays my monthly utility bills! And occasionally allows me to go to the pub and have a drink with my friends.  I work hard for it and I earn it!... AND pay my taxes on what I earn!
[UPDATE 01 October 2014: It is now my full time job! So along with the …

Stamford Mercury - 18 November

How nice to see some coverage of the Oakham Castle Craft Fair in the Stamford Mercury on the day they did a front page feature titled "Shop locally this Christmas"

All of us at the Stamford Artisans Guild started the Shop Handmade - Shop Local campaign with our Bull Hotel Christmas Fair back in October. Hope people are still listening and supporting their local small businesses, local traders and craftsmen.

It would be fantastic to see the people of Stamford come out to support the Handmade Christmas Market at the Stamford Arts Centre and Newages Social Club on 4th December. All artisans work very hard to create new and unique items for our customers which would make fantastic Christmas presents.

Give us a chance to show you that 1) beautiful things don't always have to cost the earth and 2) Christmas presents don't all live on the shelves of Tesco, New Look et al! They can be found in little independent shops AND local Christmas fairs where talented people showcase …


As its my Happy Birthday soon :-) I thought I will offer some special discounts on selected goodies in my online showroom. There will be a minimum £5.00 Off selected jewellery and wire trees.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for yourself or someone special in your life have a browse and grab yourself a bargain!

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I love this place :-)

Having a lovely day at Oakham. It's been really busy and some lovely people have visited us today!

Jewellery By Shalini

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Hand-crafted jewellery at affordable prices View or comment on Shalini Austin's post »

My Friends at Greensleaves Florist, Stamford

Some pictures from the Wedding Fayre at Haycock Hotel:

Mandy you are so clever! Love the bright colours in these arrangements :-)

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Week-end Of Christmas Crafts!

Christmas Craft Fairs From Stamford Artisans Guild:

Oakham Castle on 12 November and Haycock Hotel on 13 November!

I will be at both of them :-)

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12 December Christmas Shopping at Oakham Castle

12 December Christmas Shopping at Oakham Castle:

Looking forward to this Bonus Event! I LOVE Oakham Castle! :-)

This is a picture of my stall at the August Fair.
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ladies who lunch for charity

My friend Jane sent me information about her group which is supporting Arthritis Research UK. Click on the link below for more details:
ladies who lunch for charity:
They meet for lunch at the William Cecil Hotel in Stamford on the first Tuesday of every month.  £10 of the luncheon charge will be donated to Arthritis Reasearch UK.

Coming up next:

8th Nov - Xmas Craft Fayre
Please contact Jane via the website if you would like to get involved as an exhibitor or supporter.

Sadly I am not able to attend this event as I have a hospital appointment that day (remember my dodgy eyes?) but I would really like to help promote this. Especially because of Arthritis Reasearch UK. Those of you who know me will know what I am talking about :-)

Please share with your friends in Stamford area. Thanks!

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Oakham Castle Summer Craft Market

Autumn issue of UK Handmade magazine is out...

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Blogger Can you hear me? Test from Google...

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A new Diamond Cabochon machine – conclusion | Rough Rocks, Minerals & Crystals

Back Online

It's been an interesting couple of days with the internet playing up. Before that my emails were giving some trouble and then this morning the fax died! Hopefully what they say is true and these things come in three!

Between last night and today its all been sorted thanks to Dave, Nathan and Dean but not a lot of work got done! Very frustrating but I think its good they all happened together so there has been less disruption. Hopefully now I can get back to sorting out my online shop again and have it up ASAP. Yes I already have an online shop but the software has been updated again and its messing things up. So I have found a new shopping cart solution which I quite like :-)

Oh Well since at the moment jewellery making is more or less on hold I may as well catch up on other stuff...

Easton Walled Gardens Gardener's Market - 11 September

Jewellery By Shalini will be at Country Market at Easton Walled Gardens. This event has always showcased the best local plants and food but this year also includes music, book signings, demonstrations and things for children to do.

There will be a host of local stands showcasing some of the best produce, vintage products and crafts in the area including Shelly Anderson Glass from

This was my stall at the Event last year
Easton Walled Gardens Gardener's Market

Large Shell Cameo & Gold Fill Wire Pendant

Large Shell Cameo & Gold Fill Wire Pendant, a photo by JewellerybyShalini on Flickr. I think I am on a memory trip as I get back to updating my blog on a regular basis. It's been sadly neglected as have a lot of other Jewellery By Shalini things lately because I have been so busy sorting out other things.

That's going to change now!  Thanks to the lovely Heidi from My Bead Therapy in the US I am getting to know "Me" again :o)

This was the first Shell Cameo I ever wrapped. It was sold ages ago but I always look back at this piece with affection because I was so scared I would break the Cameo when I was wrapping it. Shell Cameos are so fragile.

First Wire Wrap Creation... October 2008

Shalini's First Wire Wrap Creation, a photo by JewellerybyShalini on Flickr. Yes, this Pendant you see on my logo and as my avatar everywhere was the very first Wire Sculpture pendant I ever made :-)

Dave cut & polished the Rose Quartz Cabochon. I used 22 g square sterling silver wire to wrap the cab and this was the result.

Quite proud of it if I may say so myself ;-)

My wire sculpture jewellery is available to buy in my online showroom:

Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet

Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet, a photo by JewellerybyShalini on Flickr. Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet

This Bangle style bracelet has a Carnelian Tumble stone Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire.

Size: Suitable if your wrist measures maximum 6 inches

15 May Spring Craft Fair at Stamford Arts Centre « Stamford Artisans Guild

The Next Stamford Artisans Guild Craft Fair will be held at the Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St. Mary’s St, Stamford, PE9 2DL on Sunday 15th May 2011 – 10 AM to 4 PM.

We have a range of crafts and creations from local artisans and selected visiting artisans on display and for sale at this Local Craft Event. This list will get updated as more Artists and Makers confirm their participation at the Craft Fair. Do come back and check the exciting crafts you can expect to buy, directly from the maker, at our next craft fair.
The Stamford Arts Centre Coffee Shop will be open on the day… Come and enjoy a variety of hot and cold snacks and home made cakes! 15 May Spring Craft Fair at Stamford Arts Centre « Stamford Artisans Guild

Mo's fundraising page - The 10 Bridge Walk

Hello Everyone,

My very dear friend Mo is doing The 10 Bridge Walk to raise funds for Richard House Hospice.
I have been following his training updates and all the information he has been sharing  about The Hospice on facebook. It is a very noble cause.

Thought I would share it here with you as I think its' great what he is doing and he deserves all the support he can get.

The 10 Bridge Walk:

takes place on May 15th 2011 will cover from Chelsea Bridge to Tower Bridgewill be a distance of 10 miles 
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Mo's fundraising page - The 10 Bridge Walk

All set for Oakham Castle Craft Market!

Really looking forward to the Oakham Craft Fair this Saturday!

To seeing everyone's new creations and just meeting up with old friends. Most of us have done a lot of events together now and it will be good to catch up.

And obviously looking forward to showing our beautiful creations to the people of Oakham and Rutland :-)

Dave & I will be there (of Course!)

Have a peek on the Stamford Artisans Guild Website to see who else will be there!