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Last Day for Discounted Prices

The Jewellery By Shalini 15% Off Sale January Sale ends today. Still a few hours to grab yourself a great deal on a one off piece of jewellery or wire sculpture!

Thanks everyone who has supported me and made purchases during the sale period :-)

Swirls and Spirals

Round and Round and Round it goes
Some of my jewellery has a fair amount of swirls in it, its a good way to wrap wire and finish off rough ends. But looking at the last 5-6 pieces I have made everything is going round and round!
A bit like me then! I have days when I just keep thinking things over in my head again and again and again but don't actually do anything about it!
Do you have days like this?

Or am I just being cool and trendy ;-) See comments on a photo I posted on my Facebook page.


Just received a call:

Him: "Good Afternoon this is (didn't catch the name he mumbled it) from FB (or maybe it was FP). Can I speak to accounts?"

Me "Could you please tell me what FB (or FP) is and what this call is about?"

Him: "I am sorry I cannot tell you, I would like to speak to accounts"

Me: "I am sorry there is no one called Accounts in this office, Good Bye"

IDIOT! Where do these people learn how to make business calls? I don't need to know your life history or your NI Number but the least you can do is tell me your name clearly & the name of  the company you are calling from if you want to try and sell me whatever it is that I am not interested in buying!

Too many calls like this these days and I am really getting sick of it!  BAH!

New Wire Jewellery

Those of you who like my facebook page would have seen lots of new updates in the last couple of days. My online shop & website is set up to automatically share new posts or products on the Jewellery By Shalini FB page.

So basically in my long winded round about way of saying things I am telling you that new pieces are being added to my shop at the moment. In the last couple of days I have added a few and there are many more to come. I need to look through the photos, and select the best ones and also measure each piece and it will take a few days!

So keep checking back and you might find something you like... or even something your evil stepmother or ugly sisters might like to get you into the good books ;-)

And don't' forget... The 15% Off Sale is on until 31st January on everything including New listings!