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Oakham Festival 2012

Guest Post: Oakham Festival 2012 on Stamford Artisans Guild:

Dave & I will be at the Crafts show at Oakham Castle which is part of Oakham Festival 2012 on 23 June. We had a great day last year at this event which was held on Gaol Street and really looking forward to this one at one of my favourite venues of all - Oakham Castle.

Sarah who is the chief organiser for this has been working really hard to get everything in place and I think she is doing a brilliant job!

Hope to see you there!

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Bespoke St Helena Rock Pendants

I have already talked about these on my "other" blog but I thought I should post the pictures here too :-)

Really proud of the finished pieces and THIS is why I do what I do! :-)

"Hiya, Safely in receipt of the pendant and I absolutely LOVE it – it’s amazing. I know Stacy will love it too. Thanks again for all your hard work."

"Safely in possession of my 2 pendants - they are both amazing, love them! I am going to keep the more triangular one for myself and send the other one to my friend in Oz - can't want to hear from her when she gets it!!! Thanks again so much for all your hard work - it's been fun...well for me...maybe less fun and more work for you!"  

(They were sent on different days)
I can assure everyone that it has been a lot of fun for me! :-)