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Looks like its neglect the blog (again) month!

Yup I have not updated this blog for ages and I'll be honest I have not even visited it much!

Its been a mad month so far!

In the Motorhomes business it was Burning Man RV Rentals balance payment week last week and that is always crazy. This year spectacularly so with a couple of ... clients for the first time in my history of doing Burning Man bookings. But as in everything else two people will not let me spoil the enjoyment of dealing with some of the nicest people in the world who keep coming back every year, refer their friends and even share their fun photos with me when they come back from the show :-) I will go there one day...

Then there is Accounts! I never want to see another spreadsheet in my life! GRRRRR!

Couple of bespoke orders to make.

Preparing for the 29 July Summer Fair. As one of the committee members of Stamford Artisans Guild I do volunteer a lot of time to guild stuff (and enjoy every second of it... OK almost every second of it!)

And I am re-building my websi…