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Something For My Personal Jewellery Collection...

Its a really busy time of the year at the moment. I am  working on bespoke orders for Christmas presents, there are Craft Shows every week-end, I am making new stock to sell at the shows and I have to make sure that all the guild events publicity is happening as scheduled. This means I have no spare time at least until 10 December!

So I decided to do another Artisan Whimsy Challenge, "Berries and Leaves"... Yes I know I just said its a very busy time...

But challenges are fun! There is always the hope that I might win something, but more than that its thinking of new ideas and making something different to what I have done before that really excites me. Its a "Me" exercise really  A little bit of time invested in me and to pamper my ego. Self indulgent... yes. Even a bit vain... of course! Well its high time I did!

I am reading a Terry Pratchet book at the moment and this statement by a character called Malicia  really struck a chord
"If you don't turn your…

Berries And Leaves

And now there is a "Berries and Leaves" November challenge over at Artisan Whimsy.


Yeah! Why not! :-)

I think I can make a pair of earrings for this...

2013 Fineshade Woods Dates | Jewellery By Shalini

Fineshade Woods Craft Display:

2013 Fineshade Woods Craft show dates are now booked and I am looking forward to the monthly Fun Sundays there April 2013 onwards :-)

'via Blog this'

Stress-free shopping, just in time for Christmas at Easton Walled Gardens

Christmas Craft Fair: 18th November:

'via Blog this'

Jewellery By Shalini will be there!

UK Inspiration Challenge... "Walk On..."

I came across ArtisanWhimsy on Facebook through MyBeadTherpay’s Page (I follow Heidi’s work with a passion because she has inspired me to try so many new things and its great to see how wonderfully her work has progressed in the 2 odd years we've been talking bling with each other!)

And right there on the front page of the forum was this little banner which took me to a page which said:
“Can you create a piece of jewellery or a jewellery component inspired by where the UK Blog team live?”
The choices were Dorset / Edinburgh / Bath / The Isle of Wight / Liverpool / Southampton and this is what the description said about Liverpool: “Liverpool is world-famous as the home of The Beatles, but is also well known for football, the Scouse (now there's a term for you non-Brits to look up!) sense of humour and of course, the shipping port and the River Mersey”
The description and for various other reasons Liverpool it had to be!
I did a quick poll on Facebook “Tell me one thing that suggests…

UK Inspiration Challenge... Liverpool It Is...

Of Course!

That's all I am saying for now. Oh and two things I am quite partial to are involved... Copper and Red.

This is for the Artisan Whimsy: UK Inspiration Challenge I wrote about a couple of days ago. My piece of jewellery is inspired by Liverpool.

Here is a sneak peak :-)

Rest of it on 12 November.