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Sparkly Crystal Necklace from Jewellery By Shalini

Spring Necklace in Yellow, Orange & Green from Jewellery By Shalini

Flower Necklace In Copper and Burgundy With Freshwater Pearl

7th Bead Soup Party: Shalini's Sparkly Serving Revealed!

So the day is finally here! Its PARTY TIME! My parties are always "Bring a Bottle" kinds so help yourself to your favourite tipple and enjoy!

Part 1: This is my first entry into the world of Bead Soups. Be gentle lovely people...

It all started when I signed up for the Pretty Things 7th Bead Soup Blog party on 26 January. I have since blogged a bit about it.

My Partner Sarah Goode from Pookledo sent me a lovely stash of shiny things!
A handful of Swarovski disc crystals / Some metal glitterballs in various sizes / A length of silver plated chain / Some Swarovski glass pearls / a magnetic glitterball clasp 

Yummy I hear you say! It is! But apart from the silver chain these are things I have NEVER worked with before!
My pieces tend to have a lot of colour in them! And here I am looking at lots of grey (OK shiny silvery grey but it is shades of grey, maybe not quite 50 but near enough!) HELP! This is totally out of my comfort zone!

You set me a challenge Sarah. A BIG one! I spent…

Bead Soup Reveal TOMORROW!

I am really looking forward to showing you what I made with the lovely sparkly soup Sarah Goode sent me. I have written my post about it and you will see it tomorrow!

But first I want to show you something that will give you an idea of how BIG this party really is! Check out this map!

Thank you Lori Anderson (and Mr Lori Anderson too!) for all your hard work in organising and managing this massive party and bringing so many designers together! The friends I have made, the things I have learned and the challenges I have set myself since I joined the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party are just amazing and have given me so much confidence in myself and my work! Words cannot really express my gratitude!

So watch out World! Coming VERY soon to a web browser near you

7th Bead Soup Blog Party 2nd Reveal!
I am so excited :-)

map courtesy Pretty Things: Beaders Unite Across the World -- the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party map:

The Craft Show Season Has Begun! - Jewellery By Shalini

"I feel like a princess when people stop at my stand, look at my work and simply say “beautiful!"

Read more... Fabulous Start to the Craft Show Season! - Jewellery By Shalini
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7th Beadsoup Blog Party Update: Postponement

The 2nd and 3rd reveal dates for the Beadsoup have been postponed by a week because our lovely hostess Lori is not very well.

This means you all will just have to wait until 13 April to see what happened to the beautiful beads Sarah from  Pookledo sent me! I am very pleased with the pieces and really looking forward to showing off what I made! Until the new reveal date you can think about what this might be :D

Sending you lots of Hugs and Good Wishes dear Lori. Get well soon! The Beadsoup parties are all about Creativity and Fun and if the driving force behind them is unwell then fun does not come into it at all! Personally I would feel very guilty if Lori worked through pain for us because that's not what the Beadsoup group is all about! I have only been part of this for a very short time and already I have made many new friends, taken part in a creative challenge and had a super discussion about copper washers with other jewellery designers. (I will tell you more about the washe…

Bead Soup First Reveal Entries

I have spent the last hour going ooh! aaah! WOW! on Pinterest looking at the fabulous entries from VERY talented jewellery artists who are taking part in the 7th Bead Soup Blog party.

This is only the first reveal (2 more on the next two Saturdays this month) and the wealth of talent is just amazing! Really looking forward to the 2nd Reveal on 6th April when you will be able to see what I made with the beads from Sarah Goode at Pookledo :D

Here is a screen-shot of some of the beautiful pieces pinned so far. Keep an eye on this board for more beautiful designs!