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Felt Beads and Wire... Follow up Post

I wrote about my new adventure with Felt beads a few days ago...

These are two new brooches I made with the lovely beads from Felt Artisan Eve Marshall

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

With the amount of beads, tumble stones and rocks I have collected over the years I am sure I could open a shop just for the things I have been hoarding... as you do... for the next big design idea or spark of genius. And then you find the next "best ever" bead or component and you save it and the cycle continues.

So when I saw Lori Anderson's new challenge how could I resist :-) I have signed up for this:

I'll post my designs on 20th July. 

"Tree of Life" Brooch - Jewellery By Shalini

This is My entry for the latest “Non-Blogger and Blogger Challenge ~ OMG Renaissance!” on Bead Soup Cafe on facebook

"Tree of Life" Brooch - Jewellery By Shalini:

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Exactly 6 Months ago THIS arrived!

We love our Mr Taj to bits, he has done wonders for Millie and the family is complete again. I sometimes think Bullet's ghost has found a home too, in Taj!

If you want to give a dog a forever home all I can urge you to do is contact a local Dog Home or Animal Shelter and RESCUE, ADOPT & RE-HOME a Dog. They have so much love to give and some of them have been through hell. Help them!
There are lots of Animal Rescues in the UK. These are just three I would like to mention, but there are many many more. And its not just dogs, there are cats, rabbits, horses, all kinds of creatures looking for their forever home. Please Help them  if you can!
The Animal Helpline Dog Rescue German Shepherd Dog Rescue Dogs Trust

Felt Beads and Wire... It Works!

I have new toys! Needle and wet felted beads :-)
Few weeks ago Felt Artisan Eve Marshall gave me a couple of red wet felted beads and said "see if you can make something with it".

I mainly work with gemstone beads, rocks, pearls and wire. So this was a completely new medium and I will be honest that initially I thought yeah lets try something but not sure if this will be my thing. Don't get me wrong, they were gorgeous beads but I don't work with fabric type stuff. Wool doesn't like me and yarn hates me. Why would felt be any different?
Anyway... I brought the lovely deep red wet felted beads home. They were round so I hammered them into discs and made a pair of earrings. And I was surprised at how nice they looked! So cool that they are mine now! I have been wearing them a lot. Lightweight and pretty, and of course RED!

Eve also gave me a lovely purple and blue bead. As a thank you present for being such a good friend I made a little flower brooch for her with…

Workshop Envy... Shedglas Design

Yesterday I went to see my friend Cathi at her Open Studio and Garden event in Haconby Village in Lincolnshire. She has a beautiful garden! (I WANT A GARDEN LIKE THAT! Imagine how much fun Taj and Millie would have if they had all that space!)

And she has a lovely workshop. Yes it is in a shed but what a marvellous shed it is! Cathi's studio is a really pleasant place to be, surrounded by gorgeous stained glass panels, mirrors and decorative hangings. And all the right tools to make these beautiful stained glass designs. Cathi is very good at what she does!

We are very proud of of our Lapidary workshop in the garage, but the Shedglas Design studio is something else! One day I would love to have a jewellery and Lapidary workshop like this with lots of natural light, fresh air and space to have open studio days. That's when we could perhaps start teaching as well...

Cathi  was demonstrating her craft and carrying out little modifications to existing pieces for customers. It was…

WireWorkers Guild: SUMMER SHOW

My Wire Jewellery has been included in a fabulous summer showcase by Linda Jones of the Wire Workers Guild! I feel so honoured to be part of a showcase which includes so many talented wire-workers.

These are the pieces Linda included:

I am posting images of three of my favourites here. Check out some of the other amazing pieces on display via the link below!

WireWorkers Guild: SUMMER SHOW:

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Can you identify these rocks?

We recently bought a mixed box of rocks which contained two rocks we can’t identify, does anyone know what they are please?
More pictures on the original post via this link: Can you identify these rocks? | Rough Rocks, Minerals & Crystals
Thanks!  Dave & Shalini

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