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4 Craft Markets in September!

Its going to be a busy start to Autumn at Jewellery by Shalini :-) 1 have four events booked this months and really looking forward to them all!

Recycled Bead Necklaces

While going through my hoarded stash of beads, wire and all kinds of jewellery making bits for the Bead Hoarders Blog hop I came across a big bag of beads, mostly wooden but a few glass ones thrown in as well! My friend Carol gave me these beads. I don’t know if they were just beads she had bought or if they have been in a necklace before but she said she was sure I would find some use for them. This was many months ago!

Anyway... I have finally made something with the recycled beads. They have been thoroughly cleaned and washed and I think they look nice on adjustable waxed cotton cord. I also used wire which was left over from previous projects where possible. Some extra components I made, or occasionally when it got bent out of shape or scratched and I just put it aside instead of repairing it. Hoarder that I am I rarely throw things away! :-)

These necklaces are available to buy in my on-line shop.

If you have old beads from a broken necklace, or a necklace you are bored with but …