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#DHLchain Crafty Blogger Challenge: My inspiration

So I signed up for another craft challenge...

This time its a little different because its not just jewellery makers but all crafty people. Back in August I received an email from someone called Dan asking if I wanted to be part of DHL Crafty Blogger Challenge.

This is the challenge:

"The aim of this campaign is for you to share your creative craft skills with another craft blogger, by creating an item for them and sending it via a prepaid DHL courier box."

OK... Another challenge... Yeah of course I want to be part of it!

So they sent me a DHL box with all the instructions and Hobby Craft Vouchers as a thank you for taking part. Now I am not a regular at Hobby craft but I do like to browse and pick up bits from there on and off, especially when working on packaging ideas, so this is VERY welcome. Thank you

Then I had to wait for my item to arrive from Vintage Magpie Bears which would be my inspiration and theme for the item I have to make for the next bl…

Tidying Up or This?

In my world THIS will win every time! I started out with very good intentions of tidying up my making table today. It is in a mess. And no I have no intention of taking a photo to show you my mess! It was going very well... Found a few orphan beads and pearls, a cab I thought I had lost, bits of wire...

Actually it was LOTS of bits of wire. I cut it too short, or bend it the wrong way, or it gets kinks I don't need so I put it aside on my board for doing something at a later date.

So I made these earrings.

Tidying up is soooo over-rated!

Patina Challenge You Say? OK...

Those of you who follow my ramblings on the internet (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.) should know about my famous torch by now! And if you don't: Dremel Versaflame Torch + Copper = Fun!

So when I came across the Patina Sunset Challenge on Artisan Whimsy I understandably got just a little bit excited :-)

I have been playing with patina on copper by painting all kinds of copper bits with fire. Sometimes satisfied, mostly not, many times I have started again but generally its been a learning exercise that I know will do me good!

I made these bangles. They are OK... Actually they are pretty good for a first attempt but Can do better!

Then I played some more and used the same copper pipes that I used in the bangles above to make some earrings. They turned out all right. I liked the way the colours came out. And I think they should fit in well with all the horseshoes at Oakham Castle at my next show there.

I have gone fire painting mad! That's what Mr. A thinks anyway! I have a han…

Patina Sunset Challenge on Artisan Whimsy

I just came across this challenge on Artisan Whimsy.

I have only just started doing a bit of flame painting but perhaps I should enter one of the copper pipe bracelets I recently made. It would be nice to get feedback from experienced jewellery artists on the forum I think...

Dremel Versaflame Torch + Copper = Fun! - Jewellery By Shalini

Read more about my first adventure with a torch! Dremel Versaflame Torch + Copper = Fun! - Jewellery By Shalini:

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