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8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Not long till partners are announced for Lori Anderson's 8th Bead Soup Blog Party and I am getting very excited :-) At the moment Lori is doing all the hard work as she pairs jewellery artists to be Bead Soup Partners. Our work and the fun really starts once we know who our partner will be. Hurry up 28th Feb!

Last year's BSBP (which was my first party) introduced me to Sarah Goode from Pookledo who has now become a good friend and we talk quite often on facebook and twitter even though she does like to wind me up sometimes with talk of this thing called "Holiday"

She sent me a challenge which was totally out of my comfort zone!

After MUCH head scratching to start with I had Fun! LOTS of Fun! And did this:

7th Bead Soup Party: Shalini's Sparkly Serving Revealed!

So Now you know why I am excited about the new Bead Soup Party :-)

Artisan Exhibition... One Week on...

Still looking fantastic The wonderful comments from the visitors have left all the exhibitors feeling elated!
If you have not visited yet please do come and have a look!
All artists accept commissions & bespoke orders and at least one of the participating artists is available at the venue for a chat between 10 AM - 9 PM.

Stamford Arts Centre Gallery 27 St Mary's Street, Stamford.