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Soup's On! And its Tasty!

Actually it is Delicious!

Just have a look at what my Beadsoup partner Susan has sent me! M is the word... MAGNIFICENT!

It is an amazing selection of beads, ribbons & cords and not one, not two but FOUR different Focal pieces to play with. The hand-etched copper clasp is just amazing. And her generosity in the amount of beads she has sent is quite humbling. I don't think I sent her enough!

But she says she likes it and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what she creates from it.

Just look at what I have to play with, so many different colours and media!

Read what Susan thinks of my soup.

And now I can reveal the soup I sent too!
It includes:
- A selection of pearl and shell beads in Yellow, Orange, Green and Red.
- A small selection of Felt beads that I made using the technique felt artisan Eve Marshall taught me.
- A selection of pewter and Tibetan Silver beads
- Yellow Organza ribbon.
- Kumihimo braid made with Chinese silk cord.
- Tibetan Silver Clasp.
- Handmade Silv…

Beadsoup Update: M is The Word!

So my beadsoup is on its way and this is what it looks like!

Introducing my Bead Soup Partner Susan from Ottawa. Susan makes jewellery for fun, to wear herself or give as gifts. She likes working with copper, fibre and artisan beads. She also makes all kind of lovely crafty things in lots of different media and she can sew & knit! RESPECT! My "difficult" relationship with fabric, yarn and thread is no secret! I can just about manage fluff and felt!

We have been chatting on email and Susan is lovely. Plus she has a dog so we are definitely going to be friends :-) Susan also has a 12 year old boy, hence M is the word!

Susan makes beautiful jewellery.

I am really looking forward to seeing what Susan creates from the soup I have sent her. She might need to put her sunglasses on when she opens the package as it is a bit bright... But after the long winter they have had in Canada I reckon this selection of spring colours will make her smile :-)

A BIG thank you once again to the…

Beadsoup Blog Party Update

There was a delay due to my eyes being very very sick with Iritis but my Bead Soup is finally on its way to Canada today :-)

I will tell you all about my partner Susan McClelland in another blog post very soon. We are in touch via email and getting to know each other better. She has posted my soup too and I am really really excited!

Life Slowly getting back to "Normal"

... well as normal as it can possibly be with 3 lots of steroid eye drops, plus a gooey ointment in both eyes daily and some of the blurriness that is a result of it...

Had a little tidy-up of the work bench over the week-end and I made some beads for my beadsoup partner yesterday. Hopefully they will be dry today and then I can match up a few more ingredients and get this in the post this week to Ottawa, Canada where my new BSBP partner Susan lives. The Focal piece and matching beads were ready a while ago but I decided to add something different to the mix too.

And NO I am not telling you what beads I made just yet! :-P

More about Susan in the next blog post...

And I have started playing with some beautiful beach glass a client gave me sometime ago.
+ The new lot of St Helena Rock
+ A Wire and Felt Peacock project I am working on with my friend Eve.
+ Don't get me started!

BSBP and Iritis Update

So the 8th Beadsoup Blog Party International Partners have been announced. Our hostess is US based so I am "international" from her location :-) In the next few days I am hoping to get to know my partner.

Meanwhile a disaster (for me it is!). Iritis is back and this time it is in BOTH Eyes. Bugger! This is not good as I only got the all clear on 11th Feb! I feel really down and defeated at the moment because I am letting my clients down and I am letting my businesses down. I am writing this post through a haze... or better description is probably looking through a waterfall. I can barely make out what I am typing even through the browser is set to 250%. And in a few minutes I have to use the dilating eye drops again and then even this will not be possible!

I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for me (I can do a very good job of doing that all by myself!) but it does mean all these fancy plans of learning new skills and trying new ideas that I have talked about in the past ar…