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Stamford Artisans Exhibition | 29 January - 10 February 2014 at Stamford Arts Centre

Reba in Peterborough is Closing after 19 Years

I am really sad to read the announcement that Reba is closing. This really isn't the kind of news you want to hear as a New Year starts. But sadly it is the reality on many High Streets in big cities and in small towns. And its even more depressing when it is one of the most active local champions of Shop Local and Shop Indie.

For those of you on twitter who follow @Rebaboutique I don't really need to tell you that Rachel has been actively spreading much needed awareness about local Independent shops. For those who don't... Reba's tweets about shopping local and supporting small business have been truly inspiring. Often quirky, sometimes really funny but always with the simple message of buying from independent local businesses where possible.

This blog post on Jofftastic will give you the full text of Rachel's very honest press release announcing the closure "End of an era" as Reba closes in Peterborough - Jofftastic

I'd just like to highlight one t…