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Credit where its due?

I came across this site Link with Love a while ago and this struck a cord:
We support original content and its creators The site does not seem to be very active any more but the message it carries is still there.

Everyday I see lots of things being shared without credit being given to the person who originally created the content / image / design. Its rife on facebook and twitter and Pinterest where people sometimes share but many times download an image to their own computer first and then post it back up. Sometimes the original source is just not available, but many times it is and not credited. And if the source is unknown its very rare to see people mention something like I don't know who wrote this but I wanted to share it. If you know the author let me know.

And a simple thank you for whoever they have shared it from or whose work they are using on their website.

It makes me sad because a lot of my original web content and work no longer carries even the briefest of credit b…