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Rock and Copper Pendant

New in my online shop:

Rock and Copper Pendant: This rock was found on one of our dog walks and could possibly be granite. The stone has been set in textured copper sheet cut to shape for the cabochon. This is a new design for setting cabochons that I have recently developed.

Wide Fold Formed Copper Cuff (Design 5)

New in my online shop:

Wide Fold Formed Copper Cuff (Design 5): Wearable Copper Art Copper cuff, cut individually from copper sheet and designed using a technique called fold forming which involves a lot of annealing and lots of hammering.

Petrified Wood & Copper Pendant

In my Online Shop:

Petrified Wood & Copper Pendant: Copper Wire Woven to create a setting for this beautiful piece of Petrified Wood. The copper has been given an antique finish using Liver of Sulphur.  As with all natural stone pieces this is a one off piece of jewellery.

Etched Copper Cuff: 'Dots '

Etched Copper Cuff: 'Dots ': Individually designed and crafted Etched copper cuff bracelet cut from sheet copper.The pattern on this cuff was sketched by hand with an original Shalini doodle!

Textured Copper Bangles: Set of 2

Hand Forged Copper Wire Bangles

Details here: Textured Copper Bangles: Set of 2 from Shalini Austin Designs

Textured Copper Bracelet from Shalini Austin Designs

This bracelet is another from  my Waifs and Strays range made from off cuts left over from other design projects.

More Details: Copper Bracelet: Textured from Shalini Austin Designs