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Round (ish) Copper Bowls

The next design on my coppersmithing projects list is Round Copper Bowls. They are probably going to be roundish but that\'s OK, because each one will be unique. I watched a few expert metalsmiths, who... Read More: Round (ish) Copper Bowls

Wire Weave Bracelet Lisa with Indian Agate Beads

Wire Weave Bracelet Lisa with Indian Agate Beads: This is delicate and dainty with Indian Agate beads in herringbone weave connected using individually created wire weave links. The wire is pure copper which has then been given an antique patina, which gives this piece of jewellery a timeless look.This design can be created in copper, silver & copper combination or in sterling silver wire.

Copper Trinket Tray: Round Dish

Copper Trinket Tray: Round Dish: Copper Trays to keep your little keepsakes in one place. I have a similar tray on my desk to keep paper clips.Also a useful coin dish or tealight holder.

7 May: Live Art Saturday

7 May: Live Art Saturday: I had a lovely time doing Live Art Saturday outside Art in the Heart gallery in Peterborough. So many people stopped to have a chat. :-)

Copper Coasters

Currently working on a range of textured copper coasters. I have made two designs so far and I am very pleased with how they have turned out :-)

A few more being sketched for texturing and ... Read More: Copper Coasters

Arthur the Dodo

Arthur the Dodo: Project 3 from the series of Bird Commissions I did for Eve Marshall - Dodo Face & Feet for a Felt sculpture. His name is Arthur and it was love at first sight when I met him!

Recycled Copper Pipe Cuffs Now Available!

I am very pleased with my first batch of recycled copper pipe cuff bracelets :-)Some are available to buy online and some are at Art in the Heart  Bespoke orders welcome in the size you want.

Read More... Recycled Copper Pipe Cuffs Now Available!

Quirky Seagull

Quirky Seagull: Project Seagull from Felt Artist Eve Marshall

She sent me a sketch with notes:
2 Sets of Seagull feet with knobbly knees, approx 3 inches long
2 beaks for seagulls

Carnelian & Copper Pendant

Carnelian & Copper Pendant: This piece of Carnelian Tumblestone has been set using copper wire and sheet.This is another new style for setting stones that I have recently started making.  I really like it that the setting shows off most of the stone with its natural patterns.